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  • The Epic control board has a voltage optimizer feature that optimizes voltage output to increase efficiency and stability.
  • The board is designed for ultimate stability and predictability, with no reboots during tuning.
  • It has a perpetual tuning feature that optimizes the voltage as temperature changes and future updates will take into account factors like system heat.
  • The firmware is designed for ultimate stability and predictability and is pushed across all supported miners.
  • The control board has been successfully tested against competitor products from a voltage point of view and is considered 90-95% compared to any auto-tuning without a dev fee
  •  The control board is designed to work unilaterally with every piece of software and hardware and has been tested against different environments to ensure stability.


Please read! - current support for the S19J and S19XP families ONLY.  If you have a S19 or S19 Pro, this control board is NOT compatible with those chips.

Backordering information - if the product is backordered, please feel free to place your order now and pay now.  This means you may have to wait an additional 1-2 weeks before the product ships directly to you.

For international orders, please contact sales for a custom shipping quote.


Updates available!


Bulk Pricing 

  • $165 - 1-10 control boards
  • $150 - 11 to 49 control boards
  • $140 - 50 to 99 control boards
  • $130 - 100 and up
  • call for fleet management pricing and options (500+ boards)
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