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Bitmain APW12 12V-15V Power Supply, A/B/C
suitable for S19, S19j, S19 Pro, S19j Pro, & T19 models;
condition: brand new in box

From Bitmains website compatibility instructions:
There are many kinds of APW12 power supply, please pay attention to the model and version when using.

At present, the main APW12 power supply models are: APW121215, APW121417 and APW12A. These types of power supplies are not interchangeable with each other, and the main differences are as follows.

1. APW121215, this power supply is widely used at present. Most of the 19 series models use this power supply. The 4-digit number 1215 after APW12 represents the output voltage of the power supply is 12-15V. At present, there are many versions of this power supply, there are a b c d e f. The generality is as follows:

a. APW121215 a /b /c versions are interoperable (no voltage feedback).
b. APW121215 d /e /f versions can be used with each other (with voltage feedback).
c. APW121215 d /e /f version can replace part of a /b /c use by upgrading firmware, but a /b /c version cannot replace d /e /f use.

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